Last weekend, New Delhi just witnessed the finale of the Free Fire India Today League, one of the biggest Battle Royale leagues ever held in India.  With mobile gaming rising in popularity all over the world, young people in the country are taking to esports more and more serious every day.

Free Fire India Today League Final
The finale of the Free Fire India Today League just wrapped up in New Delhi last weekend

Shahid Malek, a member of Team Mossaad and an HR manager in real life, undoubtedly has firsthand experience about the potential of esports as a career. At first, his parents were understandably sceptical about their son spending hours on end playing Free Fire on his phone, but the success and fame he earned by participating in several major tournaments have helped change their mindset.

“They are seeing future for us in this. Esports, in India, is on the rise,” he said.

Shahid Malek
Shahid Malek (right) believes esports in India is on the rise

Naturally, having a full-time job in addition to his esports activities means Malek has to find a way to strike a balance between the two. He shared that he used to play 6-7 hours a day during the first yeah, but since he has a job now, he can only play a couple of hours after work.

With the Free Fire India Today League being a massive success, many players have expressed that they want more tournaments like this in India to further hone their skills and eventually compete at an international level.

India Free Fire
Indian pro gamers want more tournaments like this in the country

“We want to focus 100% for this," Malek adds, citing Indonesia as an example of what he has in mind. The South-East Asian country has a tournament for Free Fire almost every weekend, and Malek hopes India will have something like that in the future.

When asked about his opinion regarding the Free Fire India Today League, the pro player says he thinks it’s “a step in the right direction”.