Ah, Frozen, I feel like I just saw it yesterday, but it has been 6 years already. It was was a huge hit after all, earning $1.276 billion in worldwide box office revenue and we can still hear the theme song Let It Go being played from time to time. Disney has released many spin-off series, short videos, and shows from the movie, but now, they are giving us something else, something really big. The studio just launched the official trailer of Frozen 2 on their Youtube channel, revealing the story behind the sequel. You can watch the trailer below.

The trailer starts with the same scene in the first teaser trailer, where Elsa is on a beach, trying to use her power to walk across the ocean. The theme is just as dark as the first trailer too. It shows Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven going on an adventure to an "enchanted land" to save Arendelle from some sort of higher power force and find out about the source of Elsa's power.

Frozen 2 Official Trailer 0 25 Screenshot
Elsa trying to get across the sea

“We have always feared that Elsa’s powers were too much for this world,” Ciarán Hinds’ troll character Grand Pabbie intones. “Now, we must hope they are enough.”

We don't know exactly what the threat is but based on the trailer, we can see some hostile mythical creature they encountered like a water horse, two stone giants. The trailer also shows off the stunning visual of the beautiful mysterious scenery and the magnificent magic power of Esla, they are parts of the first movie's success after all.

Frozen 2 Official Trailer 0 42 Screenshot
The water horse

Frozen 2 Official Trailer 1 40 Screenshot
The stone giant

In the first trailer, we can see a new female character coming along with them. While nobody knows who she is, there are rumors that she will be Elsa's love interest. India Menzel in an interview in 2016 said that the idea of having LBGT in the movie would be great, and Director Jennifer Lee said last year there is a possibility that it might happen, oh, and the pink fire surrounds Elsa has a heart shape too, so who knows?

Frozen 2 Official Teaser Trailer 1 23 Screenshot
Heart-shaped fire

While everyone who watched this trailer thinks that this sequel seems a bit too dark, I personally disagree. If you have seen the trailer of the first Frozen movie, you would see that the trailer is packed with funny moments with a small portion of action at the end. And the movie, it's dark as hell, a small girl almost killed her sister, get isolated, then her parent died, then both girls were trapped in their own castle, and so on. They gloomed almost the whole movie, with just some lighthearted moments here and there.

Frozen 2 Official Trailer 1 22 Screenshot
Elsa's ice power

We also have seen the tendency of Disney to transform a meaningful movie into an action movie in the second installment, namely Cars, Mulan,...etc with the exception of Toy Story, but I think they are about to change that with Toy Story 4. These movies are not bad at all, they are fine, but that is also the problem since people want something extraordinary that is on par with the first one.

Cars2 1 Jumbo
Cars 2 was a big disappointment

Anyway, that is just my speculation, I might be wrong, and you still should wait for the release in theaters November 22 to see for yourself.