Recently, Valve just started the first delivering of Valve Index VR headsets and to celebrate the event, Gabe gave the employees and press a small speech. He compared the Index to other milestones of Valve such as Half-Life as their first single-player game, Counter-Strike as their first multiplayer game, Source as their first engine and Steam and Workshop,... It seems Valve has put a lot of their effort on this product as Gabe described Index as a "breakthrough" with improved knuckles, lens, and resolution.

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Valve Index is currently the best VR headsets

Gabe also mentioned that the Valve Index being a big milestone doesn't end anything, but a new beginning. He further proved his point by telling how Valve innovated from each milestone.

Amid the talk, within just a few, he hinted that someday, Half-Life 3 might happen. Now, whether Half-Life 3 will happen or not, Gabe Newell deserves the praise for recognizing the will of the community instead of pretending that it never exists. However, Gabe has been hinting at the possibility of Half-Life 3 for a decade already, and every time, the fans always keep the hope up. I mean, who knows, this time could be different. Erik Wolpaw, the co-writer of Portal and Half-Life 2 came back to Valve earlier this year and the new unannounced Index VR might be the exact thing Valve needs for Half-Life 3.

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Half-Life 3 confirmed?

That or Gabe Newell just made another joke. Although being the CEO of the biggest video game digital distribution platform in the world, Gabe stays very close to the players and is aware of all the memes and jokes the community has made about him and Valve. Last year, he even released his own Announcer Pack for Dota 2 and made fun of himself with the "Valve can't count to 3" joke.