A game streamer on Twitch made his mom go nuts when screaming for $1 donation. His mother rushed to his room and forced him to shut down his game stream.

The 14-year-old streamer ‘jaredsnipedyou’ was playing a computer game on his stream. Then, an audience donated him $1 and asked the boy to scream out something loud to make his mom annoyed. The young streamer then faced his mom’s wrath.

Parents have to work hard to provide their children with what they need. So, they deserve a peaceful and quiet time to relax and enjoy their time after work. However, the young boy ‘jaredsnipedyou’ broke his mom’s relaxing time.

Young Streamer Did A Screaming Donation Request
Young Streamer Did A Screaming Donation Request

The $1 donator asked Jared to annoy his mom by screaming out something loud. And the boy accepted the donation request, stood up out of his seat, and put the headphone down. He didn’t want to hurt viewers’ ears while he was screaming. The streamer also shared that he had already annoyed his mom in this way for around seven times that day.

Then, Jared screamed really loud in his room before sitting down and told the viewers to wait.

Mom Goes Nuts

As expected, his mom raced into his room and scolded her child. She said in anger that she knew the boy felt funny when screaming that way. His mom also threatened to shut his computer off for a month. Then, the streamer’s mom gets angrier when noticing his focus on the stream. He made an insane loud donation request, driving his mom really crazy. 

“Off! Now!”, his mom scolded while trying to shut down the streamer’s PC. She complained she was tired of his joke and that he had played enough that night. After all, the young game streamer made a really stupid joke.

Jared’s story proved that you should never mess with your parents. When they say ‘no’, it means ‘no’ and you’d better not break their rule.