Kacey Marie, aged 23, now works as a receptionist in Macon, Georgia, the United States. While she has maintained social distancing amid the COVID-19 pandemic, she accidentally met lots of photos showing many kinds of long legs on social networks. And since then, she has become one of the members of foot fetish groups.

Foot Fetish

The News Villa reported that Kacey Marie then came up with an idea to sell her photos of long legs on the Internet.

In the beginning, the 23-year-old girl just posted the photos of her two feet or from her laps to down and rapidly received lots of positive reviews. It’s the moment she decided to show off her whole face and body on social networks. It’s great that the netizens have sent lots of praise to her.

Although her Instagram page was just created in June, it has attracted nearly 50k followers. Her unique idea also helps her earn about $600 (about Rs44k) a week.

Foot Fetish 1

Each of her photos is sold at $10, and she sells 3-minute videos, as required, at $20 each or 5-minute videos at $30 each. In such videos, she is often caught trampling or crushing something with her long legs. However, she is willing to refuse any impolite or weird request.

Kacey revealed that she has never thought that her ideas and photos have received such much attention. The netizens also get impressed by her stunning smile and seducing body. Additionally, she is proud of being one of the members of the foot fetish group.

Foot Fetish 2

Besides her photos boasting about her long legs, Kacey often spreads a variety of messages of positive lifestyle and optimism to her followers. Both Kacey and her boyfriend agree not to post pornographic photos. She said that although she always wants to become a model, she doesn’t have an intention to show off her body like that.

While receiving lots of positive comments, Kacey also receives many spamming, body shaming, or harassing messages. She tries not to pay attention to such messages and focuses more on her work and fans.

Foot Fetish 11

Kacey revealed that it’s never easy to have impressive long legs photos. She has made an effort on learning how to move, pose, and show her legs as beautifully and sexily as possible.

With her current income, the 23-year-old girl has earned enough to take care of herself and support her family, especially when her mother has got the treatment for breast cancer.

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Foot Fetish Kacey

Kacey Marie

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