What can be possibly more ravishing than an angelic lady? Two of them.

Meet the twin American model from California ANASTASIA and Alexandria. This twin has been a real sensation all over Pinterest for their magnificent selfie photos and now they are on fire on Instagram. They are not supermodels who flashing themselves on famous magazines and TV shows, because they are too beautiful for the whole world to handle.

The Twin Angel

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Selfie is more fun when you are doing it with your twin sister, especially when it's the  birthday

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Just a little bit  of cozy sister-time together on the bed

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Preparing to go partying, just making sure that no men can keep their eyes off them

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Just having fun recreating that old time when both was kids, wearing colorful clothes

ANASTASIA (@_stasizzle)

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I am just a young naive girl who is finding my first love

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Just having a bad hair day at home, guess I can't go out today now

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Who is ready for summer. It is now the time to get that tanned skin

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A casual picnic in the park

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A little bit of cuteness with nature
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Just waiting for someone to give me a ride home

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Alexandria (@fairyalexx)

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You are late. I am going to have some punishments for you later
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Preparing for the winter. It is going to get cold outside
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Just finishing the party the whole night. Does anyone want to give me a ride home now?

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Finally found someone who willing to take me home. What a nice person
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What a day of work out. It is time to get some rest and enjoy the result
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Wasn't planning to take this one, but did it anyway

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