In more detail, Google is facing a penalty of up to $50 crore in a lawsuit in the US for tempting users’ privacy even when they are using incognito mode. The class-action lawsuit, filed in the US District Court for the Northern District of California, alleged that Google had been tracking and collecting user browsing history even if they took steps to protect their privacy, as reported by The New York Times. The lawsuit aims to utilize the Federal Wiretap Act to help provides users win their rights should their private communications are intercepted.

Google $50 crore penalty incognito
Google is being sued for Chrome's "Incognito" feature mal-function

However, the technology giant countered that it had clearly informed users about the data would be collected. Google spokesperson strongly denied such a claim. The company argues that "Incognito” mode in Chrome only prevents user browser activity from being saved to their devices. It doesn’t keep websites from collecting personal data during the session. Many think that once they log into the Internet via Incognito Mode, their history won’t be tracked. 

Google $50 crore penalty deny
The company denies the claim and states that its privacy policies have been explicitly explained

This means that users are fully aware of what they are doing and facing. In this case, whether you use “Incognito” mode or not, the 3rd party still can collect your data as usual. The visited websites may use tools such as Google Analytics to track the data. A joint study from Microsoft, Carnegie Mellon University, and the University of Pennsylvania last year investigated 22,484 sex websites with a tool called "webXray". They revealed that 93 percent of these pages track and leak users' data to a  third-party. The study also accuses major tech companies of tracking the porno sites.  Out of 230 identified companies and services, Google tracks 74 percent, Oracle 24 percent, and Facebook 10 percent.