Unified Payments Interface (UPI) is an online payment method developed India government to make domestic transactions. Indian can use UPI to transfer a limited amount of money to another bank account instantly. While this amount is not enough for big business transactions, it works out great for most general users. Now it will become a viable option for Indian users to purchase apps and services from Google Play Store.

UPI is an Indian online payment method

Google Play Store normally only uses debit cards, credit cards, or direct carrier billing through Google Play Gift Cards, Airtel and Vodafone. However, soon, Indian users will be able to have another purchase option for apps in the Google Play using BHIM UPI. This information is provided by XDA Developers.

Screenshot Google Play Store 20190831 205111
UPI will become a payment option in the near future

Apart from the usual payment methods, the user will find another method on the bottom, under the billing option as "Add bank account with BHIM UPI ID" when attempting to purchase apps or games from Google Play.

However, this feature is not available just yet for now. It is reported that it will come along with the 16.3.37 version of Google Play while the latest available version is the 16.3.36 version with no updates being offered yet. So, I guess we will just have to wait until when Google releases the update in the upcoming days and everyone will have UPI as a payment option.

Screenshot Google Play Store 20190831 205118
Users don't need to share their bank information directly with Google and use a UPI ID instead

At the moment, there are 141 banks in India that offer UPI as a payments option. So, this addition will make the purchasing process of Indian users much easier and simpler. Also, by using UPI, users don't need to share their bank information directly with Google and use a UPI ID instead.