Alva Jay is a gorgeous cosplayer who spends most of her time dressing up as her favorite characters from classic movies and TV shows. She’s a huge fan of pop culture and is looking for a partner who shares the same interest. Needless to say, the beautiful cosplayer receives tons of offers from her followers on Instagram as well as the OnlyFans subscribers. The 27-year-old boasts a whopping 16 lakh followers and a thriving OnlyFans account thanks to her racy snaps.

alva jay lewd
Alva Jay is a successful cosplayer

Alva doesn’t think that her cosplays are the best on the market, but they’re surely “sexy, fun, and lewd” to look at. That’s what the online community is really looking for. They appreciate her channeling of famous characters such as Shinobu Kocho from Dragon Slayer and Princess Leia from Star Wars. It seems like not only Alva’s fans who found her cosplaying passion attractive. 

alva jay red
She now earns a fortune from her hobby

The influencer says it boosts her mood, too. Whenever she’s cosplay a character, dressing up, and feeling herself turns into that character, it’s a great mood. Her favorite character to cosplay so far is Zero Two. “She’s from an anime, I just loved how the costume looked and the vibe of her.”, Alva explains. 

alva jay chun li
Chun-Li cosplay by Alva Jay

As well as having the ability to lift her mood, Alva’s hobby is incredibly lucrative. The cosplayer earns a fortune for her popularity on social media platforms and makes extra income from the subscription on the content selling website OnlyFans. She always has an online shop of some kind, selling contact lens that people see her use in her costumes. She also did makeup tutorials on YouTube for a period. 

alva jay harry potter
A tribute to the Harry Potter with a sexy Gryffindor costume

Alva expresses her gratitude for the opportunity to make good money in the adult entertainment industry, earning more than enough for herself and her loved ones. She can do something that she loves, something creative, and be self-employed. 

alva jay velma
Velma from Scooby Doo's

Male subscribers on OnlyFans hit on her countless times a day. A lot of her followers ask whether she needs a filming partner, and they’re serious about it. This direct method seems working well as the cosplayer confessed she had dated fans before. He just texted her, saying that he was a follower. Alva doesn’t have a problem with this, as long as fans stay respectful when they meet in person. 

alva jay black
Alva Jay boasts a huge fan base

Despite all this attention, Alva is still single. She hasn’t put a rule out about not dating people from her community and told men not to be shy to ask her out times to times. So, if you’re a fan of the star cosplayer and want to take her out for a great date, just let her know. 

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