Chen San-yuan who dubbed the Grandpa of Pokemon Go continues to be the focal point of the Pokemon Go frenzy community.

Grandpa of Pokemon Go

He is a 70-year-old Taiwanese grandfather. Last year, he emerged as a phenomenon in the international gamer community. It is known that he equipped his bike with nine smartphones to be able to play Pokemon Go freely at any time. It was not a coincidence that he became a real gamer. Chen San-yuan has a strong interest in Pokemon Go and he really does not hesitate to pursue that passion. Every day, "Grandpa" wanders on his familiar "war horse" around Taipei to search for rare creatures in the game.

Grandpa is very proud of this. He said that using many such phones will help him easily catch a lot of Pokemon virtual creatures as well as quickly upgrade the game. With his famous, Chen San-yuan really made an impression on Asus executives. Recently, Asus signed a contract with him as an ambassador for the ZenFone product line of Asus. They believe that no one is better suited than Grandpa Chen to promote the features of Max Pro version of Asus ZenFone mobile phones. Now, Asus has equipped Chen with twenty-two Max Pro smartphones branded ZenFone from Asus for him to continue the journey to hunt down his Pokemons. This is a great way for Asus to show their superiority of GPS capabilities and battery life of Asus ZenFone products.

Pokemon Go warrior

With all the hard-core equipment that any Pokemon Go fans dreaming of, now Grandpa Chen has become a true warrior in the hunt for the real digital monsters. At his age, Grandpa Chen has shown everyone a good spirit and a strong love for life. He inspired many young people. It is a very admirable and admirable thing. Perhaps Pokemon Go has surpassed the expectations of producers when it brought little joy and happiness to many people.