Daniel Radcliffe has gone through a lot of ups and downs after his perfect portrayal of Harry Potter (mostly downs). Personally, he said that he wished he never took the role since people only remember him as the students of Hogwarts. And with Guns Akimbo, the actor hopes that his acts for a nerdy dev can help him get out of Harry's Shadow.

Guns Akimbo is a comedic action movie from the director Jason Lei Howden, rotates around the life of a game developer namely Miles. Suddenly pulled into a trending real-life deathmatch, Miles will have to use his understanding of video games to help him survive

You can see his actions in the trailer below:

A brief introduction on Guns Akimbo

Guns Akimbo rotates around the life of a nerdy game developer - Miles (starring Daniel Radcliffe). Doesn't find success with his life like his wish when he was young, Miles often release his hate by dropping toxic and prodding comments to annoy the Internet. And of course, he has to pay back for what he has done.

Guns Akimbo Daniel Radcliffe Trailer 4
Miles is a loser that often drops hatred comments on the Internet while getting boozed

One night when the dev has taken to much booze, Miles continues his hobby of dropping an inflammatory comment on the live broadcast of an underground death-match show namely Skism. However, this time, karma has struck, as the mad mind host behind the illegal show - Riktor has punished him by sending people to penetrate Miles' house, and beat him down until he fainted.

After the terrible night, Miles wakes up just to find out that he now has two guns stringed to his bone, and is a competitor in the show. Even worse, he also finds out that the very first opponent of his very first match is Nix (Samara Weaving). - the rising star of Skizm that has won a series of matches.

Guns Akimbo Daniel Radcliffe Trailer 2

Now, he will have to convince his opponents to his side to fight against the reign of Riktor and somehow get out of this game. And that requires a lot of bloody shootings, heart-pumping actions, and of course, the struggles of the game dev with his daily jobs with the gun-hands.

Guns Akimbo Daniel Radcliffe Trailer 1
Samara Weavering will star as the brutal death-match killer Nix

Guns Akimbo will hit worldwide cinemas on March 5, 2020.

Guns Akimbo Daniel Radcliffe Trailer 3
Do you look forward to seeing the movie?