Hi-Rez Studios, the name behind the third-person perspective MOBA Smite and the first-person hero shooter Paladin, has made their way to all different platforms over the last few years.

Jetpack Fighter

Back in 2016, Hi-Rez Studios released a game called Jetpack Fighter. This game stands out because it’s based on a unique gesture-based combat plus a great movement system. Critics gave it a pretty positive review but unfortunately, Hi-Rez still haven't update this game to higher version to run on modern devices.

Hi-rez Jetpack Fighter
This mobile action fighting game shows potential of a huge success

Smite Rivals

A year after Jetpack Fighter, Hi-Rez came out with the idea of Smite Rivals. The idea was quite similar to Supercell’s Clash Royale, with the addition of some MOBA elements and Smite characters under Gods' mini version. Everything sounded like a perfect combination for a mobile game but just a few months later, there was no further information on the development state of Smite Rival. Here’s the reveal trailer of the game:

Bot Smashers

January last year, during Hi-Rez Expo 2018, the studio announced a game under development phase, Bot Smashers. Bot Smashers was to be a 1v1 base building strategy game where you collect all sorts of bots to fight alongside you. It was a super solid real-time base building strategy game and people truly enjoyed the idea. However, just like Smite Rivals, after a year, we have no further information on the game and still waiting for its release one day.

Hi-rez Bot Smashers
The current state of Bot Smashers is still a mystery.

Paladins Strike

On the other hand, we can all agree that Paladins Strike has been the most successful Hi-Rez’s mobile game so far. The game was soft-launched in Oct 2017 and officially launched last year. It’s a MOBA spin off of their original first-person hero shooter Paladin.

While the last update patch was almost 5 months ago, the game still has a healthy player base. That's quite understandable as it’s a perfect MOBA game for mobile and can run smoothly on any modern devices. Here’s Paladins Strike launch trailer:

Play-testers now needed

Recently, in 2019, Hi-Rez has just launched the play-testing program, Hi-Rez Labs. It’s a recruitment program in case you're wondering. It searches for people who can try out upcoming projects and test out new update patches. This obviously include all platforms especially for mobiles. If you’re interested, sign up on their official website!