Mentioning nurses, almost all of us first think about the girls in a white outfit with hand gloves and face masks. There is seemingly no specific connection between female nurses and hot girls. The fact turns out to be partly different from what we think. In recent days, the netizens in Korea and even in Asia have surprisingly discovered a nurse, also known as a popular hot girl, with her outstanding beauty so that many take her for a well-known actress.

Hot Girl

It didn’t take the netizens a lot of time to find out who the hot girl nurse is. She is Rim E Ya. It is said that her Instagram name is loveju_yu and she has become very popular on the Internet due to her beautiful appearance and sexy body. It worth mentioning that on her private page, behind the white blouse, she never hesitates to show off her alluring figure via the latest hot photos, as well as to post a lot of videos of instructing her fans and followers to do exercises and follow diet recipes to maintain their figure.

The increasing development of the Internet and social networks has helped Rim E Ya soon become popular and receive lots of interest from the netizens. Many even don’t hesitate to ask for her working address. They frankly admit that if the hot girl nurse takes care of them on her own, they are willing to live at the hospital.

Hot Girl 1

With her Asian beauty and femininity, it’s not surprising that this nurse successfully wins the hearts on the Internet. At present, there have been about 50k followers on her private page, and this number must surge to a new height in the upcoming time.

Hot Girl 2

Hot Girl 3

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