Ellen Sheidlin, better known as Sheidlina, aged 26, is a well-known hot girl and blogger from Russia with more than 45 lakh followers. However, instead of showing off her beauty or fashion or lifestyle, Sheidlina often shares her bizarre photos or unique artworks on social networks such as Instagram or Twitter.

Ellen Sheidlina

According to Bored Panda, Sheidlina’s second-to-none photos are a great combination of photography, digital, fashion, and make-up. All of these photos have made a powerful impression on the audience because they manage to create optical illusions and visual deception.

Ice Girl

Instagram Sheidlina

The private channel of this 26-year-old hot girl has been covered by photos with fantastic colors. Many people reveal they feel uncomfortable as watching these photos but they can’t still resist their novelty and fantasies.

There are always lots of meaningful messages behind her weird photos. Some of these artworks get inspired by actual states in modern society such as air pollution, social network addiction, smartphone addiction, and more.

Sea Snail

Sheidlina Bear

Sheidlina and her unique photos have started to drawn huge attention from the community since 2011. Her artworks received positive reviews because they tended to show rebellion, provocation, and disturbance in colors that remind us of the minds of a teenage girl.

The hot girl is not just famous in her countryside, Russia, but she has also got fame in many other countries. Back in 2017, she was listed as one of the new and must-watch phenomena on social networks in Russia by Metropoles.

Sheidlina Bird

Sheidlina Cloud

In spite of her gorgeous beauty, Sheidlina seldom uploads close-up photos on her Twitter page. She now works as a model of lots of famous fashion and cosmetic brands such as L’Oreal, Nike, and more.

Sheidlina Face Off

Sheidlina Painting Conceptual Photography

Sheidlina Picture

Sheidlina Wonderland


The 9X hot girl has a talent for drawing and reportedly held her own exhibition. On her Twitter page with more than 45 lakh followers, she often shows off photos of her own unique artworks.