On Monday, Huawei Technologies – the Chinese huge technology corporation – released what was so – called the first 5G (fifth-generation cellular wireless) communications hardware for the automotive industry in the world, with its ambitious vision of becoming a leading supplier to the automobile technology sector.

Ficosa Se Une A 5gaa
5G cars will be the future of the transportation industry


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5G cars can do many great things

The company also claimed that the MH500 module would play an essential role in its plans in the second half of this year, which was to begin the process of commercializing 5G network technology for the automotive section.

During recent years, Huawei has been carrying out automotive technology test for cars connected to intelligence in some of the Chinese cities such as Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Wuxi. At the same, it has managed to reach cooperation deals with several car makers, namely FAW, Dongfeng and Changan.

Connected Car
We can own cars in sci-fi movies soon

Known as the largest telecoms equipment maker in the world, Huawei is going all out for the leading position in the global race for the next generation 5G networks. However, it has come under growing surveillance from Washington for the allegations of taking advantage of its equipment for spying purposes. In response to the accusation made by Washington of espionage, Huawei has repeatedly refused.