November has come and brought more events up ahead. If you are looking for a fantastic event to go to, look no further! Come to Hyderabad this November 20-23 to enjoy the Largest Congregation of Gaming, Animation, VFX, E-Sports And Entertainment Events In India – Indiajoy 2019.

India Joy Festival 06 1dc4_wm
Indiajoy 2019 will bring lots of fun to Hyderabad International Convention Centre this November

What is fun in Indiajoy 2019?

Indiajoy 2019 will bring a wide range of activities to the Hyderabad International Convention Centre, Novotel & HICC Complex this November. Starting on November 20, lots of activities will be on air.

India Joy Festival 02 9d13_wm
Lots of activities will be available in 4 days

Indiajoy 2019 will kick off with IndiWood – a filming conference and a place for film directors and film enthusiasts to meet. The filming conference will take place on November 20.

The VFX Summit will follow up right after to connect fans and creators of Visual FX. Here you can meet with lots of visual effect designers in the nation and even foreign VFX makers.

India Joy Festival 09 C4e1_wm
Many speakers will be there in the VFX Summit

The will be IndiaJoy Music Festival throughout the first 3 days. The festival will gather some of the finest musicians across India to Hyderabad International Convention Centre. Tune in to chill with music.

India Joy Festival 05 435a_wm
There will be music festivals across the first 3 days

Even more events to come

The second day will feature Desitoons – or 'The Indian Animation Conclave' – a meeting of mind for animation enthusiasts.

India Joy Festival 08 890b_wm
The Desitoons will act as a meeting for animation lovers

The ESL India Premiership Fall Season will also take place here in Indiajoy 2019. The biggest esports tournament in India will bring the best players on the server to Hyderabad and hype up the mood for the crowd. The event boasts a staggering 1.1 Crore prize pool for each esports.

India Joy Festival 07 5307_wm
The biggest esports tournament will take place in Indiajoy 2019

The Indian Game Developer Conference (IGDC) will take place on the 3rd and 4th day, bringing together some of the most influential figures in the gaming industry in India. Tune in to meet with some of the best content creators in India.

Ticket, time and destination

With so many events on-air in a luxurious place, the Indiajoy 2019 will charge an entry fee of 700 for Expo Only Pass. You can explore most of the expo area except Seminars, Workshop, and Talk sessions. This is suitable for those who are interested more in entertainment than conferences.

India Joy Festival 10 84ac_wm
Indiajoy 2019 will be an unforgettable event

However, if you want to enjoy the Indiajoy 2019 to the fullest, consider going for the All Event Access Pass at 6,400. The full pass will give you unlimited access with lunch on each day, and a 40% discount on OYO accommodation.

Remember to mark our calendar and come to Hyderabad International Convention Centre this November 20 to attend Indiajoy 2019.