Indian Air Force: A Cut Above is the mobile games made by the Indian Air Force itself, which came as a huge surprise back at its first reveal. However, the game received a nomination for a Google's award is not a surprise at all!

The Indian gaming community has proven itself to be very active with a lot of gamers, most of which enjoy playing games on their smartphones. Hence, it's very reasonable for Indian Air Force: A Cut Above to immediately caught the eyes of viewers, and it's definitely worth a spot in this year's contest.

Before getting into the details, let's have an overview on what's good about this game. First, you can see the trailer of IAF: A Cut Above below:

About Indian Air Force: A Cut Above

The Indian Air Force is the pride of the whole country. Throughout nearly 90 years of establishment, the air arm of Indian has shocked the world with its advanced technology in aviation and the professionalism of its pilots. And through this mobile game named Indian Air Force: A Cut Above, you'll proudly become one of them as well.

Indian Air Force Is Nominated For Googles Users Ch
Become a soldier of the Indian Air Force!

It's quite hard to call the genre of this game. Basically, it's a combat-flying simulation game, where you do not only take control of the highly advanced aircraft of the IAF, but also become a land soldier protecting your precious country from the threats from the sky as well. From the thumbnail image, you can see the mustache soldier which refers to the legendary Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman, who you might take control of in this game.

Iaf Mobile Game Teaser 0 8 Screenshot
The game pays some tribunal to the Indian hero

Your main tasks in Indian Air Force: A Cut Above is to fly the high-performance airplanes of the IAF to fulfill 10 single-player missions to earn your rights of flying. Here, you'll not only satisfy the dream of being a pilot with ease but also experience how great the power of IAF's aircraft is. Performing a sharp cut on the sky is the best way to show off such strength.

Indian Air Force Is Nominated For Googles Users Ch
Experience the airpower of India!

Furthermore, you will also work for the Indian civilian, too, by solving multiple missions from Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief to aid the authorities when they're in need. And last but not least the game also lets you guard the sky territory of India, and you'll have to keep your mind together and your eyes sharp to eliminate every looming threat.

Iaf Mobile Game Teaser 1 0 Screenshot
You can also take control of the ground-to-air cannon to shoot down the aerial threats

Indian Air Force: A Cut Above has launched for Android devices in July, and quickly caught the attention of Indians with its intriguing multiplayer modes besides its single-player campaigns. You can either enjoy the game offline or go online and compete with other pilots in the squad vs squad mode or the free for all mode.

Vote for IAF now!

Google annually celebrates the most favorite apps on Google Play Store every year, and this year, Indian Air Force: A Cut Above has luckily secured a spot in the fan-voted category of "User's Choice Game". It's such a proud for the game made by the IAF, and it's relying on us to make it the winner.

Indian Air Force Is Nominated For Googles Users Ch
Indian Air Force was nominated by Google for this year's User's Choice Award

This time, IAF: A Cut Above has to stand tall against a lot of strong contestants. To be more specific, the most outstanding ones are Call of Duty: Mobile - the FPS game with a phenomenal launch, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, and Angry Birds Dream Blast. The strange thing is that the famous PUBG Mobile that has caused mayhem in the industry was omitted from this year's list.

Indian Air Force Is Nominated For Googles Users Ch
The contestant that IAF: A Cut Above has to outrun

It's a fan-voted award, so the outcome of this competition is entirely depending on you. You can find the game on Google Play Store, download the game and give it a solid 5-star rate to vote for it.

The voting period will last until November 25, and the award winner will be announced on December 3.