An Indian police officer called C. Sylendra Babu has made a video to call for youngsters to “sign off computer games forever” as it has bad effects on their physical and mental health. The video has gone viral throughout the gaming community in India.

C. Sylendra Babu is currently the Director General of Police of the Railways (GRP) in Tamil Nadu. He is very active on his social media and has over 85 thousand followers on Twitter. A few days ago, he Tweets a video of him talking about the gaming culture in India, which has gotten more than 700 Retweets and almost 3K likes.

He thinks that people who spend time on gaming every day will not be able to focus on their work, study, and are ruining their own life. He then asks all of his followers to delete all the video games they are having such as Free Fire and PUBG Mobile. He also asks others to play "real games" such as soccer, cricket, volleyball instead of video games.

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Obviously, no everyone in the police force thinks this way. The Mumbai police have previously used PUBG on their Twitter to promote people wearing a helmet while driving and stay inside their house during the coronavirus.

Mumbai police uses PUBG to ask people to stay inside during the coronavirus pandemic

PUBG Mobile used to have a very rough time in India back in 2019 when it was banned in a few places. But everyone is more open-minded now when they see that people can make a gaming career by being a pro player or streamer. There are gaming tournaments around the years with huge prize pools that are comparable to sports tournaments.

Next month, there will be the PUBG Mobile World League tournament with a prize pool of $850,000 and 7 Indian teams are going to be in it. The PMIS 2020 with a prize pool of Rs 50 lakh is also ongoing right now.