IndieFoxx is a beautiful streamer on Twitch. This beautiful streamer has raised controversy when accusing another famous Twitch streamer named Amouranth of copying her live-stream ideas. Check out the reactions of netizens as well as these two streamers.

IndieFoxx Accused Amouranth Of Copying Her Stream Ideas

IndieFoxx is pretty famous on the internet. She is known as a beautiful streamer on Twitch who has been in the titles of many scandals. For example, she got banned three times in a month previously due to wearing revealing outfits on her live-streams. But these scandals also made her name more viral.

Indiefoxx has raised controversy when accusing Amouranth of copying her live-stream ideas.

Recently, she continued to raise a controversy on Twitter when accusing another renowned female streamer named Amouranth of copying all her stream ideas. She also mentioned Amouranth as "another streamer" in her post and blamed her for copying everything, from outfit styles, overlays, to stream titles.

Indiefoxx 2
She was banned three times within a month because of being too sexy.

Amouranth was attracted by IndieFoxx's post and also knew that IndieFoxx aimed at her. Then, this female streamer replied with a screenshot featuring some messages IndieFoxx sent her over three years ago. In those messages, IndieFoxx gave her some tips to attract more followers.

Amouranth replied IndieFoxx's accusation.

Amouranth also replied that she received the advice of IndieFoxx. Besides, that streamer also suggested that Amouranth should model off the live-streams of other streamers. The controversy got hotter when another streamer named Melina joined and claimed that IndieFoxx also copied her before and added that she didn't have the right to accuse Amouranth.

Message Screenshot
She Revealed A Message Screenshot Between Them.

After all, Melina also labeled IndieFoxx with some bad words, such as 'nasty' and 'obnoxious'. Moreover, IndieFoxx was also accused of stealing the hot tub content from another female streamer and claimed it to be her 'idea'. It seems that IndieFoxx lost in this e-war and got anger from e-girls and netizens.