A public outcry has widely spread in Iran after the father of a 13YO girl was reportedly arrested for killing her over so-called “honor killing”. Accordingly, the reason for the father’s cruel act derived from his daughter’s leaving home to pursue love with an older man.

Beheaded Girl honor killing
Romina - the 13-year-old girl that was brutally killed by her father.

The murder took place in Hovigh, Talesh county, Iran. The father used a sickle to behead Romina as she was sleeping. The tragedy has rapidly gone viral on social media and in the whole country, and the victim’s father was arrested right after that.

In an interview with the Islamic Republic News Agency (aka IRNA) on May 26, Kazem Razmi, as the Governor of the Hovigh district, made an official announcement saying that the killer was in detention. Also, the details relating to the case were in public after the police completed the judicial procedure.

Razmi further said that the authorities were working to handle the case according to many different dimensions. Additionally, the deputy of social affairs of the Gilan province revealed that both the Welfare Department and the prosecutor’s office have joined hands to carry out an investigation into this case.

According to the local media report, Romina Ashrafi loved a 35-year-old man named Bahamn Khavari, and the couple planned to get married. However, her father didn’t agree with their marriage, leading to her eloping with the lover.

13yo Girl Cut Head

Their families filed a complaint to the security forces, and then Romina and her lover were arrested. Meanwhile, the young girl emphasized many times that her father was hot-headed and she might face dangers if she returned home. However, according to Islamic Republic laws, her father still had the right to take her home.

Khazaronline, a local website in Iran, revealed that along with Romina’s comeback, the disputes and tensions between the father and daughter seemed to increase higher. Her eloping was an unacceptable behavior towards the father and that’s why he decided to murder her. On May 21, when other members were absent at home, Romani’s father cut her head as she was sleeping.

Some other reports unveiled that after killing his daughter, the father came to the police station and turned himself in. At that time, he still held the farming sickle.

According to Reza Jafari, the deputy of Welfare organization for social affairs in Gilan, the father’s murder was “an example of blatant violations of children’s rights”. Besides, the Welfare organization in Gilan committed that they would do their best to ensure the poor girl’s rights. As prescribed on Article 5 in the Children Protection Act, this case would be also under investigation of the Prosecutor’s office.

However, Article 220 in the Islamic Penal Code pointed out that in spite of his arrest, the father wouldn’t get sentenced to death because he was the victim’s guardian. Many even suppose that he may get a 10-year sentence in prison.

Meanwhile, Romani’s lover had an interview with the Maidam website. Many wonders why the 35-year-old man isn’t arrested for marrying a girl aged 13. However, in fact, Islamic law allows a 13YO girl to get married.

The network community in Iran has sparked an outcry over the father’s so-called “honor killing” and felt sorry for the teenager’s death. Along with the funeral announcement, a rain of criticism on social media has been given over the father’s brutal behavior.

Rokna News Agency also revealed that the President of Iran Hassan Rouhani has even issued a “special order” relating to the investigation into the case.

It is not the first time Iran has faced such cases of “honor killing”. Women in this country are often in danger of their lives by their own male relatives. According to the 2014 report, a police official in Tehran revealed that about 20% of murders in the nation derived from honor killing.