To cope with both the Coronavirus pandemic and summer heat, a textile company in Japan has just had a great invention: producing ice masks that can help wearers get cooler and still protect themselves from the fatal virus.

Ice Masks
Local residents can now buy cool ice masks in vending machines.

While the Coronavirus has kept spreading all over the world and scientists haven’t created helpful vaccines, May has begun along with the first hot days of this summer. Wearing masks seems to become an obligatory mission whenever we go out on the street. However, it is absolutely torture wearing masks all day and if you want to know how to survive with these kinds of vital products, why don’t you give a try of ice masks manufactured by a Japanese company.

Ice Masks Japanese
Ice masks have a simple design but their advantages are undeniable.

A textile company in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan has shown its wide vision as starting to produce ice masks since two months ago. And now, Japanese people in some regions can easily buy them in vending machines. Hopefully, these products will be soon available across the country and even in the world.

Vending Machine
Here is one of the first two vending machines that provide unique masks.
Mask Vending Machines
And the second vending machine.

There may be no other countries in the whole world that develop the “ice culture” like Japan. If you are in love with Japanese culture, you may at least once hear that both shampoo and ramen in this country are kept iced. Therefore, don’t be so surprised at how they think to keep themselves always cool in the summer.

Vending machines here are equipped with a refrigeration function that allows ice masks to be set at the initial temperature of 4 degrees Celsius. It is so great to wear such cool masks in high-temperature days. These products must be one of the first choices of local residents to dispel summer heat. Each ice mask is sold for 690 yen (about Rs489) and there are about 500 sold items on average every day.