Two years ago, the first K-Pop group and eSport team made their debut. After the K/DA fever, K-Pop in video games was supposed to start out strong with the arrival of AQUA (아쿠아). This girl group is made up of 6 members and they promote both as gamers and as idols, uniting both worlds.

The eSports/K-Pop project group, AQUA, reveals debut video of their song “Log In”
The first eSports/K-Pop group debuted in 2018, but nothing has happened since

On November 2, 2018, a new eSports girl group called AQUA sang at the press conference for MBC's new “Begin A Game” game show at the Actoz Arena in Seoul. Actozsoft has launched this new group with the idea of promoting both the musical and the videogame industries. AQUA was expected to appear at gaming events, both playing and acting, as well as promoting musically on shows like “Begin A Game,” MBC's new TV show.

Who are these K-Pop idols/Gamer girls from AQUA?

AQUA is made up of 6 members who are not unknown to K-Pop fans, as they have been in previous projects or in television programs. Hyerim (혜림) is the runner-up of K-Pop Star 6, Haesol (해솔) has been a participant in Produce 48, Sihyeon (시현) and Hyeonjoo (현주) were contestants on MIXNINE, Sua (수아) was as a participant in Produce 101 and Seung Ji (승지) is part of the group Limesoda (라임 소다).

K-Pop/Gaming girl group AQUA
The concept of a girl group that both plays games and performs in K-Pop is interesting, but doesn't mean it can work

As for the gamer section of AQUA, the girl band will have Sora, a professional player from Starcraft 2, as manager and Hyung Eun, who worked with Summoner's War Conquerors from OGN, who will be an assistant to the group.

On November 17th they released their first single “Login”, produced by ZigZagNote, who has also done work with Apink, BTS, and TWICE. AQUA presents a joyous and fun concept in a song whose rhythm will play in your head until the song ends. The girls intend to meet that person who attracts their attention so much, and they will not stop until they succeed. Check it out below:

In the video clip, there is a lot of dancing, soft and calm colors that will make you want to watch the video clip over and over again. The steps of the choreography are easy to follow, so people must have expected there would soon be several covers of this theme.

Unfortunately, it's been almost 2 years since the group's debut, and no further music videos nor live shows have been produced since. The fact that there's been so little activity coming from AQUA since their first single, suggests that the group has been quietly disbanded.

K-Pop/Gaming girl group AQUA
At least now we know what kind of crossover works and what doesn't

In South Korea, it's not uncommon for music groups to disband should they not fulfill the obligations that they signed up for. Neither has the group made any splash on the eSports scene, so it looks like the AQUA project has been a complete flop after a promising start (at least on the music side).

aqua k-pop girl gaming group youtube
On YouTube, there's just that one AQUA music video from November 2018

We don't know whether AQUA has been officially disbanded, but what we do know is that merging an eSports team and a group of K-Pop idols, each from a different production team, is not a viable way of promoting both K-Pop and video gaming. Looks like the only way the two industries can cross so far is through music videos starring virtual video game characters like K/DA, or music videos with a video game theme, like this latest music video from the video game Free Fire:

Before we wrap it up, check out each of the members of the group in their full radiance:

aqua k-pop gamer girl group


aqua k-pop gamer girl group
aqua k-pop gamer girl group
aqua k-pop gamer girl group
aqua k-pop gamer girl group

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