According to a recent report, a Kazakhstan bodybuilder has made an announcement on his plan to marry his ‘girlfriend’ Margo. However, the most surprising thing is that Margo turns out to be a sex doll.

Bar Sex Doll
They have also had romantic dates like any other couple.

Accordingly, Yuri Tolochko and his girlfriend Margo has had a serious relationship for 8 months. Tolochko always considers Margo as a real woman. Before deciding to make a proposal, he got the sex doll plastic surgery with the hope to make her more beautiful and perfect. His decision was made after he had revealed their love to the public.

Bodybuilder Love Sex Doll
A few sweet and hot moments.

Bodybuilder Marry Sex Doll

Tolochko said that he has faced lots of criticisms as he showed Margo’s photos on social media, and therefore, he decided to help her have plastic surgery. This bodybuilder also added that his lover changed a lot. He initially felt difficult to accept her new look but he has then got acquainted with it.

Kazakh Bodybuilder

Kazakh Bodybuilder Propose Sex Doll

The report pointed out that the couple first met at a bar. Tolochko said he had to save Margo out of a young man who was treating her badly. And since that moment, they have stayed together for 8 months.

In an interview with Central European News, the bodybuilder revealed that his girlfriend can’t go on her own (of course) and always needs his help. Although Margo can’t cook, she loves Georgian food and cuisine. Her favorite meal is ‘khinkali’.

Marry Sex Doll

Sex Doll Girlfriend

Sex Doll Marriage
The Titanic couple in real life.

Tolochko has created an Instagram account for Margo to save every moment in the couple’s dates and life. He even announced that he has helped her find a job as a waitress at a local bar.

Yurii Tolochko

Yuri Tolochko To Marry Sex Doll

Although their relationship is allegedly serious, Tolochko has recently accepted an invitation to join a Russian stand-up comedy TV show named Comedy Club with his girlfriend Margo.

This Kazakhstan bodybuilder hasn’t now revealed their official marriage date.