In recent years, creating content on YouTube and other social networks has become one of the most-loved jobs of young people. In Korea - the land of eSports games, netizens have paid a lot of attention to this promising industry. However, instead of gamers, female streamers are the ones to stir the Internet. And here is how the hot streamer in the following incident does to gain popularity after only one night!

Streamer 1

No unique tricks or tips are necessary. Not good at playing games. The two most important factors to become a streamer are beauty and sexiness. That’s also how this small streamer draws a lot of attention in the Korean streaming community. Before the stream, she was just an unknown name; however, everything then changes completely when netizens watch one of her sexy streams.

It takes as no surprise as there was nothing special in her streams. Her sexy dances are just like what many other female streamers have performed in Korea. But the netizens couldn’t take their eyes off her streams because of her slutty outfits.


All that her viewers watched on her streams are just a pair of shorts, a short shirt showing off her bare shoulders, and super big breasts. As a piece of evidence, whenever adjusting the camera, the hot streamer always covered her breasts with one hand to avoid showing what shouldn’t be shown in front of thousands of viewers.

Streamer 2

Even knowing these were just her tricks, netizens couldn’t stop watching her streams and looking for her latest news. Accordingly, she turns out to be Ye-seul, an Afreeca TV streamer who mainly streams dancing and covering popular songs.

Although Ye-seul isn’t amongst the most beautiful streamers in Korea, no one can deny her sexiness, especially via her photos on social networks. At present, the streamer has gained more popularity. Let’s keep updating her latest news and streams!

Streamer 3

Streamer 4

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