The Korean streamer QueenMico got banned for the second time from Twitch. However, there’s no exact reason for this second ban. Posting a story on Instagram, the streamer announced the ban and promised to see her fans on the stream soon.

Korean Twitch Streamer QueenMico

QueenMico is a popular Twitch streamer coming from Korean with around 210,000 followers on this live-streaming channel. Viewers can usually find her in the Just Chatting or Just Dance sections on stream. She often talks with thousands of her fans or dance in her broadcasting. QueenMico is pretty famous on the social network as well as the streaming platform.

Korean Streamer Queenmico
Korean Streamer QueenMico

However, on November 19, Twitch Partner Ban announced to ban this streamer for the second time on Twitter. The announcement left her fans in dark as to why she got banned and when she came back on stream. This is the second time QueenMico got banned from Twitch without much warning in less than a month.

While Twitch sometimes informs streamers about how long they have been suspended, QueenMico got nothing. Instead, the ban was just posted directly on Twitter, confirming that her streaming channel was struck down.  

Twitchs Announcement
Twitch's Announcement

About QueenMico’s Second Ban

When banning an account, Twitch doesn’t usually publicize the specific reason for the ban. Instead, they send the user an email, explaining the reason for the ban and suspension length.

In her lengthy story on Instagram, the streamer announced that the ban lasted three days. She also expressed her confusion about the exact reason and claimed that Twitch hasn’t sent her money for subscribers since March. She posted the story on Instagram on November 19, after the tweet of Twitch Partner Ban.

The Story On Her Instagram
The Story On Her Instagram

Although there is no announcement about the exact reason, she stated that fans would see her again on stream soon. Fans can check out her post on her official Instagram account.