A young man in China decided to dine and dash after his first blind date turned into a disaster: the girl invited 23 of her relatives to dinner, so he fled as to not to pay the Rs 2.2 Lakh on the bill.

His GF Invited 23 People To First Date So He Ran Away From Rs 2.2 Lakh Bill

Xiao Liu is a 29-year-old man who has never had a girlfriend, so his family arranged for him to meet with an unidentified girl through a matchmaker. He has not had a girlfriend because of unstable work income, all the while his parents kept urging him to marry.

In desperation, he accepted the blind date arrangement. But this blind date turned out to be another reason why he never had a girlfriend in the first place.

Under normal circumstances, blind dates are for both men and women to have a meal together and have a chat. If both parties feel that they enjoy each other's company, they will fall in love naturally. But Xiao Liu’s blind date had "interesting" ideas of her own. She not only brought her relatives and friends to come with her but 23 of them.

His GF Invited 23 People To First Date So He Ran Away From Rs 2.2 Lakh Bill

According to local media, the girl assumed that the young man had a good economic standing, so she decided to bring many people from her family to the date to eat and drink, and also to put the candidate's financial capacity to the test.

The 25 attendees ate and drank at four tables, but when Liu received the bill, which amounted to nearly 19,800 yuan (Rs 2.2 Lakh), his reaction was to leave the venue entirely and turn off his mobile phone. Seeing her date in this predicament, the girl had to ask her family to chip in to pay off the total amount of the bill. The events occurred in the Chinese province of Zhejiang.

His GF Invited 23 People To First Date So He Ran Away From Rs 2.2 Lakh Bill

Although Liu revealed later that his income is not stable, days later he contacted the girl and agreed to pay her 4,398 yuan (Rs 48,600) of the total account. If they ever decided to have a second date, they probably wouldn't even talk to each other.

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