The netizens have recently got a big shock as snake catcher Brendan Dyer posted a photo showing a huge python was curling up inside a car. He also warned that people should lock their vehicles carefully if they don’t want to fall into a similar incident as this man.

Snake Curling Wheel
Imagine that you are ready to go shopping and see this scene...

The incident took place on June 17. The Great Wall car owner parked his vehicle on the grass in the Capalaba town, Redland, Queensland, Australia but he might not forget to lock it carefully. As a result, the next morning, when leaving home to go shopping, he suddenly discovered a horrible scene.

A giant coastal carpet python was lying next to the speedometer, below the cockpit. The man in a fright immediately asked snake catcher Brendan Dyer for help.

Brendan said that this reptile crawled through the window and took a nap inside the car at night. He didn’t believe that it could invade through the car’s vents and people should check their vehicle before entering the home.

Brendan Daughter
The brave daughter of snake catcher Brendan.

As usual, Brendan woke up the python by a hook and caught it behind the head before lifting it up. It was obvious that the car owner has never had any similar experience before.

Tara, the 5-year-old daughter of Brendan, has been trained well by her father, and therefore, she doesn’t feel afraid of this scary reptile. She even gives support to her father whenever he needs help. She knows that she is not allowed to touch any python or snake without her father’s agreement. And this time was not an exception, Tara was the one to help Brendan take the giant snake back to where it belongs.

A coastal carpet python can grow up to 2.5m in length and it is known as the biggest reptile in south-east Queensland. Its main food includes many kinds of birds and mammals. Although it isn’t venomous, a bite by a coastal carpet python can be more dangerous than you think. This reptile loves living in some places such as wall cavities or roofs, or bushes.