As Twitch and Tik Tok have become more and more popular over the past few years, netizens have a chance to discover a lot of rising social media stars who rack up millions of followers on these platforms. Being one of the latest sensations on social networks in 2021, the Canadian twin sisters Julia and Lauren Burch are taking the internet by storm. Find out who they are and how these pretty girls heat up cyberspace!

Julia Lauren Burch
The 20-year-old twins from Canada Julia & Lauren Burch to turn heads with their gorgeous appearance

Julia Burch and Lauren Burch were born on December 7, 2020, in Ontario, Canada. The twins gain popularity for being freelance models, Instagram models, Tik Tok, and Twitch stars. While Julia has 25 lakhs followers on TikTok, her sister Lauren Burch seems to be more popular with 65 lakhs followers and counting. Their videos are almost all about dancing and lip-syncing while the two stunners turn heads with steamy curves and seductive outfits. Check out some of their most viral videos right below!

Apart from raising eyebrows for their seductiveness, these 20-year-old models are also popular among anime fans as they are also said to be “ in-real-life anime girls”. The pair took the internet by storm for cosplay pics, anime-inspired outfits, pastel hairdo, and other stuff.

In addition to that, Julia Burch is also found on Twitch as a Minecraft streamer and IRL streamer. Check out more gorgeous pics of the Sisters right below!

Julia Lauren Burch 2
They gain popularity as social media stars and go viral on Tik Tok over the last few months
Julia Lauren Burch 6
More sexy pics of Julia and Lauren Burch
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Lauren Burch to win the internet with sweet anime-inspired outfits

Julia Lauren Burch 4

Julia Burch
Julia Burch is also well-known as a Minecraft and COD streamer
Julia Burch
Julia Burch to strike a pose in tight red crop-top
Julia Lauren Burch 5
The twins are taking the internet by storm with their stunning beauty and sizzling figures

There is no doubt that the anime and Japanese culture is stretching out across the world with many internet personalities including to become popular and Julia and Lauren Burch are the newest ones. Apart from the twin Canadian sisters, there are several internet personalities that went viral in cyberspace like Belle Delphine, Amourant, Pokimane, and many others.

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