Model Dina Saeva was born in 1999 in the Republic Of Tajikistan. She has received a lot of attention on the Internet due to her videos of posing in the water. Her video channel has attracted more than 1.7 crore followers. Her videos of dancing, combing hair, singing, and even eating in water welcome tens of millions of views. The netizens love to call her the mermaid.

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Many say that the 21-year-old girl looks like goddesses in fairy tales. She has big eyes, cotton-like hair, pouty lips, and a charming smile. With her outstanding appearance, Dina has won the hearts of many global fans, especially those in China.

Dina now works as a model for many popular fashion brands. Her charisma, as well as her style versatility from sexiness to dynamic style, actually makes a powerful impression and helps her gain certain success during her career.

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There have been tens of millions of followers on her channels on a variety of platforms and each post on her private page is paid a huge amount of money. It is estimated that the young model earns over Rs 2 lakh for each of her 15-second advertisement videos.

According to Forbes, within less than 1 year, Dina managed to earn more than Rs 97 lakh. Her income mainly comes from advertisement contracts with big brands.

On her private page, the model often uploads her sexy photos. Dina reveals she loves traveling and visiting the top-world landscapes.

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Many may not know that Dina Saeva was born in a rough family and used to work as a restaurant employee. Since 2016, she has become popular due to her seducing appearance but she has never planned to reveal her private life. She said she doesn’t want the netizens to spread groundless rumors about her on the Internet.

The netizens once heard about her past life via her mother’s revelation. Her mother used to think that social networks were very bad, but these platforms have now helped their family live more comfortably. She no longer has to work so hard in recent years thanks to her daughter’s career as a model.


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