The global streaming platform Netflix has been spending a lot of effort in improving its service in the Indian market. It has been gaining a lot of traction in the country for the past couple of years, with an array of original Indian movies and web series coming up very soon. They have recently decided to reveal a “Top 10” list for all the movies and shows that are trending, despite decided against the option before.

Netflix has been keeping their viewership data hidden for years, in order to give every show a fair chance in a competition (as people are more likely to watch what’s already popular while skipping the other shows. The trending top 10 will be upgraded on a daily basis – as the company aims to provide Indians watchers with the most up-to-date trend.

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The streaming service has been investing a lot into the Indian market

Cameron Johnson, Netflix’s product innovation director has also talked about this update in an interview. During that, he said that every time a show appears on the top 10, it would gain a special badge to differentiate it from the others. This means that customers while browsing for their next session, would be able to recognize the featured titles faster. This would appear everywhere, even in personal lists and searches.

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The cast of Taj Mahal 1989 currently on Netflix

This process has been tested in both the United Kingdom and Mexico in the last few months and has been working pretty well. Currently, “The Body” starring Rishi Kapoor, Emraan Hashmi, Sobhita Dhulipala, and Vedhika is currently holding the #1 spot. Below is the rest of the list:

Overall, about half of the list are Indian titles, and the other half being international. Netflix's Indian originals have been doing pretty well so far, due to the bigger budget available.