Netflix is giving us a brand new look of ex-Superman actor Henry Cavill. Cavill will play as Geralt, the protagonist of The Witcher franchise. However, it seems like the guy won't have a beard.

Check out how the actor will look on the screen!

Consequently, the lack of a beard on Cavill's face has been pretty controversial. Some say they don't feel familiar with a glabrous, clean-shaven Geralt, partly because of his impressive look in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

There is one comment saying this appearance makes the character look like a version of Harry Potter's Death Eater Lucius Malfoy. Some even said that it reminded me of Legolas, the handsome, glossy-looking Legolas in Lord of the Rings franchise.

Though all of that comparisons are pretty funny, someone also pointed out that Geralt doesn't necessarily have a beard since the books also implied that. Yet we are all eager to see how the "retired" Superman will perform in his totally new role.

Geralt The Witcher Henry Cavill
Geralt doesn't necessarily have a beard.

Other notable roles

Apart from Henry Cavill's protagonist role, there is a number of other characters have been confirmed by Netflix. One of the actresses is Anna Shaffer, who played Ruby Button in Hollyoaks. The actress will play Triss Merigold, the legendary Temerian Sorceress.

triss merigold
Anna Shaffer will play Triss Merigold.

They also announced a list of certain characters who will show up in the series, including Cahir, Jaskier, Stregobor, Istredd, Sir Lazlo, and many others.

In case you haven't known yet...

Netflix's The Witcher series is in progress and will be airing in (the earliest) 2019. Until then, there will be a lot more leaks and clues to be updated about the movie. Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, the writer of The Defenders and Daredevil, is the showrunner and executive producer of the series.

Certainly, they are shooting the movie in Eastern Europe, and that because, according to Hissrich, it "couldn't exist anyplace else." We should also expect a number of solid 8 episodes for its first season.