French scientists have recently found out that the Coronavirus turns out to have a much stronger resilience to survive in high temperatures than we think.

The findings were made by Prof. Remi Charrel & his team at Aix-Marseille University. They put the Covid-19 into the high-temperature environment (up to 60 Degrees Celsius) in one hour, and surprisingly, this fatal virus can still keep replicating.

Coronavirus can even survive at high temperatures; therefore, it will be harder to beat this virus.

A few days ago, the team revealed their results on Accordingly, Coronavirus can be completely killed when being heated to nearly boiling point.

To test the viral activity, they have chosen African green monkey kidney (Vero) cells as a host material and a strain that was isolated from a patient in Berlin, German. These cells were put into two different tubes, one “clean” tube and one “dirty” tube. The second tube includes animal proteins that can imitate biological contamination in samples.

After being heated, the strains in the first tube were completely terminated; however, the dirty tube showed another result: Some of the viral strains still survived.

The findings also point out that the infectivity of Coronavirus has a considerable decline during the heating process but the strongest living strains are able to begin another infection round.

Along with the complex progress of Coronavirus, there has been a big increase in demand to conduct related tests all over the world. Unluckily, a lot of laboratories haven’t had enough necessary equipment to ensure the safety for technicians. In other words, these technicians are the first ones that can get infected with this virus when processing the samples.

India will have to make much more effort to terminate Coronavirus.

The heating protocol at 60 Degrees Celsius, in an hour, can kill many kinds of fatal viruses, such as Ebola. However, Coronavirus may be different. This temperature level is supposed to deactivate viral samples that have low loads but it can cause lots of dangers to technicians when processing samples with high viral loads.

As well as many other countries, India has been facing fierce attacks from Coronavirus. The countless measures have been proposed and applied to minimize the possible consequences. As a hot tropical nation, India hopes that the new virus will go by when the summer comes. However, if what the French team has published is true, the nation will have to make much more effort to terminate Coronavirus completely.