A new trailer for the Witcher series by Netflix has just been released. The series would be based on the original novels that the game trilogy was based on, written by Andrzej Sapkowski. The TV series would then be available for streaming on Netflix, from December 20 onwards. For now, however, the fans would have to make do with the official trailer, which includes all the story highlights and the iconic bathtub scene from Witcher 3. Below is the aforementioned trailer.

First and foremost, Henry Cavill sounds amazing, it's almost like he didn’t try too much to sound like Doug Cockle in the games, but success anyway. The overall looks of Cavill’s Geralt are also improved, as its quite different from the first promo shots.

The infamous "bathtub Geralt" scene. He's still wearing his medal in the bath, however.

The thing that a lot of people noticed from this trailer, however, is Cavill’s ability with a sword. In the books, witchers are swordsmen trained from birth to fight against monsters. Due to the monsters’ strength that can usually kill a person in one hit, the witchers’ fighting style involving a lot of nimble movements like spinning and precise striking. That’s exactly how Cavill performs in this trailer, as he is doing all the stunts by himself.

Geralt using Aard to push back the peasants

Based on the shots, looks like they are going to adapt all the best stories in the book series, from the Ciri Saga to the first time Geralt and Yennefer met, and even gigantic battles such as the beginning of the original Nilfgaard invasion (which is a big part of Witcher 3)

Geralt, doped on potions, prepares to attack a Kikimore.

We would be reporting more about this series as soon as it hit the streaming network. Meanwhile, if you are interested in Cyberpunk2077, the next game of CD Projekt Red, check out this post.