We are living in a weird world. In this 4.0 era, anything can happen, even against all the prediction from experts. That is exactly what has been happening in the battle of Pewdiepie and T-Series. The king of Youtube and the Bollywood corporation have been in a battle to see which channel gain more subscribers. Currently, they are the 2 Youtube channels that have the highest number of subscribers, millions of subscribers ahead of the third biggest channel on Youtube.

Screenshot 6
5-minute crafts is the third biggest Youtube channel, but it is only standing at 52 million subscribers

Statistics have shown that Pewdiepie will eventually lose the battle with T-Series. India has more than 1.4 billion people, but only one-third of them have internet access at the moment. But more and more Indian people can go to the internet because data providers in India – especially Jio – have been offering a lot of great and cheap data packs. T-Series has been providing movies and music videos that match the taste of Indian citizens, so more and more subscribers for their Youtube channel.

Pewdiepie Admits T Series Defeat 100 Million Subs
All experts say that T-Series will eventually defeat Pewdiepie

This battle between 2 giants on Youtube has been for months, but recently T-Series has closed the gap and even gone ahead of Pewdiepie a few times. Although Pewdiepie managed to bounce back, the highest gap that T-Series had was more than 100.000 subscribers ahead of Pewdiepie on March 31st.

T Series Pewdiepie Sub Gap March 31
On March 31st, T-Series sits at over 100,000 subscribers above PewDiePie

This has resulted in the acceptance of being defeated by Pewdiepie. This Youtuber has released a song name “Congratulations” to mocking congratulate T-Series for its victory. In this song Pew has brought up quite some accusations toward T-Series’ CEO, Bhushan Kumar, of tax evasion and having relationships with the Indian mafia (although he clearly said in the song that they were all jokes, we all know what he truly meant).

But right on this year April Fool’s Day, Pewdiepie’s Youtube channel has witnessed a huge rise of subscribers. The subscribers for Pew has increased with incredible speed that Pew’s channel came back to be the biggest Youtube channel in the world. But this was not only a joker of April Fool’s Day. Youtube channel of Pewdiepie keeps extend the lead with T-Series, and now the gap is nearly 250.000 subscribers.

Screenshot 7
On April 3rd, Pewdiepie ahead of T-Series for more than 245.000 subscribers

What is happening right now obviously goes against the predictions of experts. If Pew can keep this form, perhaps he will reach the 100 million subscriber milestone before T-Series.