Leiya Arata, 30 years old, is the founder of a sex doll burial service in Osaka, Japan. For about INR 58,000 ($800), customers can dress the dolls for funerals, put them in a coffin, and decorate a wreath. The host of these funerals is Lay Kato, a monk who used to be an actress.

Leiya Arata
Leiya Arata runs the business

The funeral was also very elaborate with candles, flowers, and a group of moaning people. According to Arata, many owners don't want to treat these expired “girls” like trash. Furthermore, they feel ashamed if someone finds their sex dolls in the trash. 

sex doll funeral 1
Many come to this service instead of throwing sex dolls away

In fact, sex dolls in Japan look so real that many mistake them for real people corpses when thrown out on the street. On top of that, more and more Japanese men choose to date dolls instead of humans and keep them as partners.

Leiya Arata 2
You can only see this in Japan

Despite being married and having children, Senji Nakajima still falls in love with a 65-year-old silicone "lover" Saori. He often spends time after work with the sex doll. "To me, Saori is not just a doll. She needs a lot of help in life, but remains a perfect friend who has shared many precious moments and brought joy to me," Nakajima said. Senji Nakajima said he prefers to spend time with sex dolls and never date people again. However, this hobby divided Nakajima’s family. 

japan man
More and more Japanese men are afraid of real dating

It is reported that there are about 2 thousand sex dolls sold in the country of cherry blossoms each year. They come with a price tag of INR 4.4 lakh or more. They look exactly like humans with adjustable fingers, detachable heads, and genitals.

Sex Doll Genie Sara 145 Cm 4 9 D Cup 2442931798079
Can you tell the difference?

Sex doll technology has come a long way since the ugly inflatable dolls in the 1970s. Currently, they look so real and can make you feel like touching human skin. More and more men are buying them because they feel they can communicate with the doll. 

sex doll 2
Sex dolls now look super realistic

Europe and America also experience a rise in demands for silicone love dolls. The premier manufacturer and distributor of this product line, Sex Doll Genie, introduces new models to the market regularly. They look exactly like real people, with a realistic skin that is indistinguishable. As you would expect, these dolls come at a hefty price, ranging from a couple of thousand dollars to a hundred thousand. But, this is the first time a sex doll burial service is recorded - only in Japan.