Sony has finally revealed the official design of PlayStation 5 at the “The Future of Gaming” event after a few months of dropping information. Accordingly, the design and appearance of this new-gen PlayStation console have lots of similarities with the new DualSense controller: V-shaped design, black and white concept with iconic blue light.

Playstation 5

At present, Sony hasn’t given any specific details about the official release of the PS5. Instead, the company has just said that the brand-new console will come to the public eye on a festival of 2020. However, that’s enough for gamers to be eager to wait for the day they can purchase this masterpiece.

Surprisingly, the PlayStation 5 has now been available at only dozens of USD on an e-commercial page in China. It’s not hard to realize why many have felt unable to believe it. That’s why one YouTuber named Budget-Builds Official tried to order the “made-in-China PS5” on this e-commercial page to determine whether it is true or not.

Order Ps5 China

In the video “I Ordered the PS5 From China!” posted on the Budget-Builds Official’s channel, this YouTuber ordered the “PlayStation V” at only £54,86 (about Rs5,100) on a Chinese online shopping page. It is so much fun that according to its description, this product is produced by Sony and can play all kinds of games.

Description Ps5 Fake

One week after the order, Budget-Builds Official finally received a poorly wrapped package. When opening it, it was obvious that what he purchased wasn’t the PlayStation 5 that hasn’t been available on the current market. It turned out to be a made-in-China gaming console.

Package Playstation 5

Inside the package, he also found a fake PS5, display cables, a power supply, and a handle that looked like that of Xbox 360, and of course, it was also fake. The design of the fake PS5 reminded him of a mini version of the PS4 Pro but it came with red highlights and sketchy design. The YouTuber tried to plug the Fake PS5 into a TV, and this product, in fact, could work but it could support the old games such as Contra or Mario.

Open Package

Fake Playstation 5

At the end of the video “I Ordered the PS5 From China!”, the Budget-Builds Official channel also tried to disassemble all parts of the Fake PS5 to check what’s inside it. And it took no surprise that this product just included integrated circuits that were connected without care by super-thin cables.

Fake Ps5

Games Supported

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