Indian hot model Poonam Pandey got married to actor Sam Bombay on September 10th, 2020. However, after a few days after the wedding, her husband was arrested in Goa. He was reported to threaten and assault his newly-wed wife. Check it out here with

Poonam Pandey's Newlywed Husband Was Arrested For 'Assault'

Actor Sam Bombay and hot actress Poonam Pandey got married on September 10th. They posted many happy wedding photos with sweet words for each other. Besides, they don't hesitate to show their love on the internet. Poonam even wrote that she was looking forwards to living with her beloved husband for seven lives.

Poonam Pandey Wedding 1
Pandey and Bombay Tied The Knot over a week ago

However, they haven't been together for one life already by her husband has been arrested yesterday, September 22nd, 2020. According to the police's report, Sam Bombay was accused to assault and threaten his newlywed wife, Pandey. A police official said the incident occurred in a southern village in Goa named Canacona. Poonam Pandey was also shooting for her next project there.

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Poonam Pandey Wedding 5
They showed their love many times before

Pandey complained to the police that her husband had molested, and assaulted. Moreover, he had even threatened her with death after doing these terrible things to her. Besides, Pandey had to receive mandatory medical tests. After the incident, Sam Bombay removed all the wedding pictures she posted on Instagram before.

Poonam Pandey Wedding 3
Pandey accused her husband of assaulting and threatening her

On Instagram accounts of the couple, they shared many wedding photos of them. They also sent many sweet sayings to each other. The wedding took place some days ago and they only invited family members and some friends to attend and witness their wedding rituals. Because of the coronavirus outbreak, they could not have a big wedding ceremony.

Poonam Pandey Wedding 41
Pandey hasn't said anything after the incident and her husband was arrested

Poonam Pandey is a sexy and hot model and actress in India. She has over 36 lakh followers on Instagram. After the incident, Pandey hasn't posted any picture or made any announcement about it.

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Pandey is a hot model and actress
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She often shares many hot and sexy looks of her on Instagram

Here are some gorgeous looks of her.

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