Patralekhaa Fires Back At Netizens Body-Shaming Her For Her Revealing Outfits!

BlackFox - Mar 12, 2020 | Viral

Some offensive netizens have called Patralekhaa 'cheap', and the actress couldn't stand it anymore!

It's a long time since the Bollywood actress Patralekhaa coming to an introducing event for her movie. Her last project - Nanu Ki Jaanu dated back in 2018, and with the screening of the Netflix movie Guilty, it is the first time in 2020 that the loved one of Rajkummar Rao appeared in a public event to promote for a movie.

Patralekhaa Slams Cheap Comments Outfits 3
The beauty Patralekhaa has been absent from Bollywood since 2018

That's why Patralekhaa has to choose an outstanding outfit to mark her appearance, but it seems that not everyone likes her idea. Her recent outfits are very modern and have embellished the beauty of the actress. In fact, it's not considered revealing, especially when you compared with others' costumes at bigger events both in India and internationally.

However, some Indian viewers still didn't find Patralekhaa favorable with those clothes and have dropped hatred comments on her, especially the ones calling her 'cheap'. The actress quickly found out about those bad words, and decided to shut them completely when asserting her freedom to express her personality!

Patralekhaa Slams Cheap Comments Outfits 1
Her outfit at the screening events of Guilty attracted a lot of negative comments

Let's see how Patralekhaa fired back at those comments with Gurugamer below:

Patralekhaa slams body-shaming comments on Women's Day

It could not be a better day for the actress of CityLights (2014) to speak for herself against those offensive comments. To be more specific, everything started at the screening event for the Netflix movie 'Guilty' starring Kiara Advani and many others, as Patralekhaa has appeared with a bold set of costumes.

In detail, the actress wore a black crop-top inside that shows not only her toned abs but also her sexy cleavage as well. The black coat that she wore outside of the crop-top barely hides anything as Patralekhaa decided to reveal her bare shoulder. And together and with a pair of loose jeans, her overall looks are kind of casual, that doesn't go well with the general atmosphere of the event at Mumbai.

Patralekhaa Slams Cheap Comments Outfits 2
The outfits of Patralekhaa is quite casual and comfortable

That's also the viewpoint of many trollers on the Internet, and it has raised waves of hatred comments. Some even called her 'cheap', referring that the actress has chosen an unmatching outfit vibe to a formal event, which they regard disrespectful on the movie. Those comments are too severe that once Patralekhaa found out about them, she has to speak for herself immediately.

Patralekhaa Slams Cheap Comments Outfits 4
Patralekhaa decided to fire back on the International Women's Day!

Specifically, the actress has posted on Instagram calling out on respect for her outfit choices. The lover of Rajkummar Rao has stated that she's very thankful to the fashion bloggers that have caught her look, but is very upset for the negative comments. "I was a bit shocked" - Patralekhaa stated on seeing so many disses in the comment section, and leaving a capitalized "WHY?"

Patralekhaa Slams Cheap Comments Outfits 4
The actress stated that she could wear whatever she wants!

Done asserting the problem, the actress firmly asserted that whatever she wants to wear, she will wear it. "It's my body" - the actress stated. Adding to her standpoint, Patralekhaa expressed that even if she looks cheap or this size or that shape, it's her own business, and no one should stick their nose into it. She ended her post with a congratulation on the Women's day with a hashtag, and remind other women in the world: "Strong today, stronger tomorrow".

Patralekhaa Slams Cheap Comments Outfits 5
A strong message from the starlet

Rajkummar Rao and many others are there to protect his girlfriend

Rajkummar Rao and Patralekhaa have been in a loving relationship since 2010, and witnessing his girlfriend getting on fire with the harsh comments, the actor immediately showed his support. Rajkummar dropped a comment on Patralekhaa's Instagram post, writing "Prettiest girl ever" with a heart-eyed emoji and a fire emoji.

Patralekhaa Slams Cheap Comments Outfits 6
Rajkummar Rao and Patralekhaa Paul have been together prior to the actress's Bollywood debut

He knows that it's enough since his girlfriend can handle those comments on her own. Apart from Rajkummar, many other famous names in Bollywood like Divya Khosla Kumar, Hazel Keech also stood by Patralekhaa, further asserting women's freedom to do wear anything.

Patralekhaa Slams Cheap Comments Outfits 7
Patralekhaa received a lot of supports from other famous names

On the working front, Patralekhaa still hasn't revealed her upcoming project in 2020. She has made her Bollywood debut with the 2014's movie 'Citylights' in 2014 alongside her boyfriend - Rajjkummar Rao. Their chemistry was highly praised by critics, which ends up winning Patralekhaa a Best Female Debut award from Screen Award.


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