While the COVID-19 hasn’t shown any sign to end up, people across the world have made an effort to protect ourselves from this fatal virus. According to a report from WHO and researchers, aerosol transmission can spread the COVID-19, leading to more concerns about prevention and protection from it.

Covid 19

Researchers from Norway, the United States, and the UK were discovering the factors which help the Coronavirus transmit faster and on a larger scale. After observing 2000 people from the US and the UK, they also found out that taller people are more likely to catch the Coronavirus than others.

According to a report published in a journal on Medrxiv, those who are 1.8 taller tend to be more vulnerable to get infected with COVID-19 than others.

Researchers point out that the aerosol transmission of this novel virus is the main reason for the above conclusion. Accordingly, when an individual releases saliva droplets, they will move on the air at a certain distance before they touch the floor.

Covid 19 Height

It worth mentioning that microdroplets can transform into aerosols and keep flying in the air in a long time. These aerosols can be stuck in badly ventilated areas and once again, fly according to the air currents, instead of falling into the ground.

In an interview with AFP, Professor Evan Kontopantelis at the University of Manchester pointed out that based on the relationship between the diagnosis and height, the transmission of downward droplets is just amongst many transmission mechanisms, including aerosol transmission.

He further said that his group managed to suggest a novel confirmation method, in spite of other studies’ suggestion. He also emphasized the importance of social distancing and wearing face masks, as well as keep the air clean in interior spaces.

Researchers will need to conduct more studies to determine whether tall individuals are more likely to catch the COVID-19 or not. However, until then, we should continue wearing face masks when going out.