As we have reported, the long-lasting battle between the king of Youtube Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg and the Bollywood corporation T-Series has just had a new twist. At the end of March, T-Series has taken the lead against Pewdiepie multiple times. T-Series has even reached the lead of 100,000 subscribers against Pewdiepie.

T Series Pewdiepie Sub Gap March 31
On March 31st, T-Series sits at over 100,000 subscribers above PewDiePie

That was the reason Pewdiepie released the music video “Congratulations” to congratulate T-Series with their victory. Pew did admit his defeat in the song, with some touching moments for Pew’s fans in the music video.

However, what happened next surprised us all. Starting from April 1st, the number of subscribers of Pewdiepie has been rising with incredible speed. Thanks to this rise, Pewdiepie has surpassed T-Series once again, and this time the lead of Pewdiepie looks much firmer than before.

Pew has officially talked about this victory of him and his fans on a new video of his. In the new video – New challenge: You Laugh You Lose – Pewdiepie spent some time to talk about this victory, the thing that he called “the comeback of the century.”

“It’s ironic how we made the ‘Congratulations’ song to wrap up the meme, to stop the meme,” he discussed the incident. “We finally did it... the comeback of the goddamn century.”
(topic starts at 2:32)

Pew actually made quite a good point when he called this “the comeback of the century.” 100,000 subscribers was a huge gap between the two channels. But now, Pew is taking the lead of nearly 400,000 subscribers – an extremely safe gap, considering how extreme the battle has been.

Screenshot 4
On April 5th, Pew has a huge lead of nearly 400,000 subscribers against T-Series

We can't say for sure how much the song “Congratulations” has impacted this comeback of Pew, but it does have an impact. In the song, besides admitting the defeat, Pew also pulled out some accusations toward T-Series, namely the time when T-Series provided pirated songs, or the connection between T-Series CEO Bhushan Kumar with the Indian mafia.

With this speed of increasing subscribers, Pew now has a huge chance to be the first Youtuber reaching 100 million subscribers.