Our Mother Earth is struggling, and everyone needs to work together to cope with this problem. And its seems that the gaming community doesn't want to stand out of this mission!

Speaking for the summit of UN's new initiative - Playing for the Planet, Sony's President and CEO Jim Ryan has revealed what they've been doing with their newest console - PlayStation 5 to contribute to the climate change combat.

Before getting to the details, you can see how video games can contribute to the UN's climate goals through the introductory video here:

Sony will significantly cut down power consumption on PlayStation 5

Speaking in the summit, Sony Interactive Entertainment's (SIE) President and CEO Jim Ryan has revealed how the energy-efficient PS5 will help combat climate change. The company will make their upcoming console - PlayStation 5 consumes as less power as possible while still being able to handle decent performance.

Playstation 5 Will Cost Lest Energy Than Ps4 1
PlayStation 5 will consume less energy than the heavy energy user - PlayStation 4

To be more specific, Sony has calculated that PS5 will sustain gameplay with only consuming 0.5 watts. If the mere number doesn't show anything to you, let's compared with the most recent consoles from Sony and also the best of them so far - PlayStation 4.

The PlayStation 4 eats averagely 8.5 watts as a record from Natural Resources Defense Council. Which means the PS5 will consumes less than 8 watts, accounting for only one-seventeenth of the amount of energy that the PS4 uses up. That's huge!

Playstation 5 Will Cost Lest Energy Than Ps4 3
Not only having better hardware, but PlayStation 5 is also more energy-efficient

PS4 has made their reputation of huge power consumption, which uses twice as much energy compared with PS3. However, most of the power it draws is just for standing by instead of playing games. Hence, these efforts to harness the power income of the PS5 of Sony is very remarkable.

Playstation 5 Will Cost Lest Energy Than Ps4 2
PlayStation 4 still uses a lot of energy even though it's in Standby mode

Apart from that, SIE also promised that they'll also decrease their carbon emission. Ryan has proudly said that the company has cut down 16 million metric tons of carbon emission, and they are aiming for 29 million for the next decade. He also affirmed that data about carbon emission through will be collected and stored in its data centers in the future.

About Playing for the Planet

Playing for the Planet is a new initiative from the United Nations about combating climate changes among the gaming community. At its summit taking place in New York City recently, the initiative has gathered over 20 great names from the gaming industry. They include Sony Interactive Entertainment, Microsoft, Google, Ubisoft, Twitch and many more.

Playstation 5 Will Cost Lest Energy Than Ps4 4
Playing for the Planet has gathered over 20 big names from the gaming industry to find ways to deal with climate change

All those companies will represent themselves and 970 million gamers all over the planet, joining hands to work against the imminent doom caused by climate change. Together, the Initiative set the aim of reducing at least 30 million metric tons of CO2 emission by the end of 2030.

While many politicians are very slow to catch up with the pace, the Earth needs every effort from us. A lot of reports have stated that we only have one decade left to limit the temperature rise by 1.5 Celcius degrees compared with the pre-industrial era. If we failed to do so, the consequences will start showing up, harming every creature on our planet (including us).

Playstation 5 Will Cost Lest Energy Than Ps4 5
We don't have time to hesitate anymore

Recently, Football Manager 2020 has made their daring step by packaging their physical releases environmental-friendly materials despite high facilitating prices. Hopefully, the acts from Sports Interactive and Sega will encourage other developers and publishers to jump on this bandwagon as well!