Yesterday, the police revealed to the Japanese news that the man who sent a threatening email to Square Enix’s contact address had been captured. The email was sent on 5th February with a short content: “Employees of Square Enix! Tomorrow I’m going to kill you. Wash your necks and wait!” This kind of email is not new to game publishers. Some companies ignore them as unfounded threats and some don’t. They consider them as potential threats and will make the sender pay for it, and Square Enix is undoubtedly the latter. Therefore, after receiving the threat, the game publisher enhanced security on their office areas and reported to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police.

"Wash your necks and wait!" is an old-school way to say "I'm going to kill you" in Japan

Finally, the sender of the death threat was officially busted on 29th March. According to the police, the man told them that he sent this email in order to get revenge because he had spent 200,000 Yen (about Rs. 123,200) on one Square Enix’s game but doesn’t get what he wants. Although the police don’t say what game this man play, it is presumably a F2P mobile game with gacha.

It is unsure if the man really intends to do what he said on this email or not. However, he still is responsible for what he did under the law. The man now has to face charges of criminal intimidation.

Square Enix's headquarter in Japan

This is not the first time Square Enix receive death threats. The company said that since September 2018, about 30 threatening emails has been sent to them. All of them are reported to the police.

The Final Fantasy series

Square Enix is a game publisher whose headquarter is in Japan. This company is the development and publisher of famous series like Final Fantasy,  Dragon Quest and Kingdom Hearts.