Standing out from other pornographic websites, Pornhub has become the world's leading free porn site not only because of the quality content that they provide but also its community, its concern toward the users during special days, occasions such as Valentine's Day, Black Friday, and most recently, the coronavirus outbreak.

First are these weird porn videos on Pornhub

#Stayhomehub: Pornhub Play Their Part To Help People Entertained At Home

It started out with the videos of people wearing medical masks and hazmat suits while making love. And then Pormhub stepped in and offered Italy, France, and Spain Free Pornhub Premium when the coronavirus started to explode to encourage people to stay inside. But as this pandemic is starting to become a huge global issue for every single country in the world, Pornhub decided to take their part to help people everywhere around the world entertained at their home.

The #StayHomeHub campaign of Pornhub

Pornhub just officially announced on their blog the #StayHomeHub campaign, which offers Free Pornhub Premium worldwide until April 23. That means you will be able to access Pornhub Premium for free for a whole month.

How To Register For The #StayHomeHub campaign

In order to join the #StayHomeHub campaign, all you have to do are a few steps below.

  • Go to the official website of the #StayHomeHub campaign.
  • Check one of the two marks to agree that you will try your best to isolate yourself at home or wash your hand regularly and maintain social distance.
  •  Press the access Free Porn Premium button and you will be taken to a new page where you can register your premium account for free and get the access instantly after that.

StayHomeHub encourage people to stay home and maintain social distance to limit the number of coronavirus cases


The announcement also states their concern about the financial problems that their Models are facing during the quarantine. And so they are giving their Model 100% payout from their video sales in the same period. It will motivate the performers on the platform to create more extra special content during the campaign.

As the coronavirus situation is getting worse and there is still no vaccine for it yet. The best option now is to stop it from spreading by staying at home and avoiding unnecessary meetings. And with this juicy offer #Stayhomehub from Pornhub, I don't see that there is any reason why we should not stay home to stop the coronavirus and do ourselves a favor.