Many people have a habit to consider their private pages or smartphones as safe houses to keep their secrets or store something they don’t want to spread out. However, they may never think that their habits can lead to a series of unexpected situations or even negative feedback on the Internet. Not long before, a Japanese hot girl burst into tears for her habit to save her hot photos on her private page.

Hot Girl 2
It's not surprising why her selfie pics rapidly went viral on the Internet.

The hot girl in question is a student who loves taking selfie photos as a way to save the best moments in her daily life. It worth mentioning that in these photos, she always looks very sexy in flimsy outfits from nightgowns to lingerie. Many frankly admit that they couldn’t take their eyes off her big boobs when seeing her photos for the first time.

Turns out that, the hot girl initially posted these addictive photos on her private pages and set them on the private mode. Some of her best friends are the only ones to know their existence. However, on a sunny day, she couldn’t figure out why these photos suddenly went viral on the Internet, on websites, and on forums. Netizens even couldn’t stop gossiping about the photos and their owner.

Sakura Girl
Luckily, she doesn't reveal her face in these pics.

But there are some silver linings behind the dark clouds, the hot girl didn’t reveal her face in the leaked photos, and therefore, no one could realize that she is the owner of these sexy photos. Despite netizens’ efforts, they couldn’t determine who she is. They had no choice but to call her Sakura Girl. Many believe that she must have a beautiful face that deserves her sexy body.

In the upcoming time, this hot girl may no longer have an intention to save her seducing photos on her private pages.

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