Recently the famous PUBG professional player David ‘Fuzzface’ Tillberg Persson from Faze Clan has been banned from Twitch after an insult war with another PUBG streamer.

He was streaming PUBG on his stream as usual until he killed a player, who apparently the PUBG streamer MitsigasTwitchTV. Mitsigas was so furious after he got killed that he searched for Fuzzface channel on Twitch. However, Fuzzface channel only allows people who have followed the channel for more than 30 minutes to join the chat. Mitsigas didn't give up, he waited the whole 30 minutes just in order to trash talk in the channel.

Fuzzface Pubg Starseries Season One
Faze Clan-Fuzzface

And that how the war started. Instead of banning him from the chat, Fuzzface joined the fight. Words flying back and forth between the two, to the point that Fuzzface ended up saying bad things about Greece's economy and their language compared to the rest of EU.

Faze Fuzzface Featured
He could have just banned the guy from the chat

Funnily enough, Mitsigas isn't even from Greece, he is from Cyprus. However, the insults have gone a little bit too far from a normal argument. Twitch, very fast, took the action and banned Fuzzface channel for 30 days. While some people might think the punishment is too severe and unfair, what Fuzzface did there was really unprofessional. the VOD has been deleted along with Fuzzface channel, but you can watch a portion of the fight on sprEEzy channel, who accidentally found out about this incident and watched it for a while.

Twitch has a very strict rule about racism and hateful acts on the platform so they can keep themselves out of troubles. But the main problem here is the PUBG Europe League is coming soon and it will be streamed on Twitch, so there is a chance that he won't make it to the tournament if Twitch takes this matter seriously.