The Pokémon series started out with just 151 monsters, but over the years it has expanded to over 800 types of Pokémon. Not only that, but this number is also expected to increase with the upcoming release of Pokémon Sword and Shield for Switch later this year. The sheer variety of monsters available has given birth to the saying that "every Pokémon is someone's favorite." Thus, a Reddit user who goes by the name Mamamia1001 has recently set out to test if that’s true.

Pokemon Favorite
Is the saying true?

For this, Mamamia1001 created a survey and asked people to vote which Pokémon they like best. The survey ended up attracting over 52,000 participants, and the result showed that there are 4 that actually received no vote: Eelektrik, Yungoos, Silcoon, and Gothita. Still, that’s only 4 out of 800, so the adage does have some truth to it after all.

The numbers also revealed which Pokémon are the most popular, at least among the ones who voted in the survey. It probably comes as no surprise that more than half of the top 10 are monsters from Gen 1. Charizard took the top spot of the list at 1,107 votes, trailed closely by Gengar at 1,056 and then Arcanine at 923. Meanwhile, with 710 votes, Bulbasaur finished in the fourth place.

Charizard took the top spot

Coming in fifth, sixth, and seventh were Blaziken, Umbreon, and Lucario, which received 613, 607, and 604 votes respectively. The last 3 names to make the top 10 were Gardevoir (585 votes), Eevee (581 votes), and Dragonite (551 votes).

The saying mentioned above has been used a lot recently after the announcement that Sword and Shield will not include all Pokémon. Earlier this month, producer Junichi Masuda confirmed at E3 that not all monsters can be transported from Pokémon Home to the upcoming games – only those that are included in the Galar Pokédex. Understandably, this decision has upset many fans.

Pokemon Sword And Shield Legendary 625x352
Sword and Shield are coming later this year

Sword and Shield are set to launch later this year on November 15 for Nintendo Switch. Meanwhile, the Pokémon Home service will become available early next year. There is a lot going on with this popular franchise of late, so don’t forget to check out our previous articles to keep yourself updated.