You might have heard about the anime called One-Punch Man somewhere on the Internet. Saitama has been through a harsh and somehow ridiculous workout routine with 100 squats, 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups and a 10km-run every day for a year. Sean Seah, an investor tried this workout scheme for a month and needless to say, the results were unbelievable.

From time to time, many anime and games have inspired people to set up a workout schedule to get into good shape. Seah showed his results and his training routine in the video below:

In the video, Sean started his training with level 5, including 50 squats, 50 push-ups, 50 sit-ups and 5km run. He showed positive results after just 7 days and continued with the procedure for the next 12 days. On day 17th, feeling like he’s not making any more progress or improvements, Sean decided to “level up” to level 7. He started doing 70 squats, 70 push-ups, 70 sit-ups and 7km-run every day from there. After 5 days, he decided again to move to level 9 on day 22nd and straight up to level 10 the day after that.

One-punch man
At the end of the 30-day workout plan, Sean didn’t become a bodybuilder but the result is just as impressive.

Recently, he also discussed his eating diet while doing the One-Punch Man workout. Watch it here:

Sean revealed a normal 3-meal-a-day diet, with a special catch on reducing sugar, carbs and fried food in his meals. As a coffee lover, he couldn’t live without it so Sean changed into plain black coffee like Americano. Finally, the last piece of advice from Sean was to reduce snacks consumption. Sean was a snack-lover himself but for the sake of the training, he significantly cut down on it. To replace snacks, Sean ate fruits instead, especially bananas just like the original anime.

Sean’s entire training procedure was really inspiring and impressive. There’s a Facebook page especially dedicated to the One-Punch Man challenge, so join the squad right now if you wish.