In recent years, apart from veteran and popular names in the Japanese AV industry such as Yua Mikami, the netizens have paid a lot of attention to Kaede Karen – an AV actress with a naive face and seducing body. The media in the land of the rising sun has also sent much love to her. Many even call her the top-leading AV actress who just appears each one thousand year.


Born in 1999, Kaede Karen started joining the entertainment world in 2018. At the end of that year, she decided to move to the adult movie industry when becoming a new member of IdeaPocket.

Kaede’s attraction is undeniable. The netizens believe that her pure and naive appearance is the most important thing to help her win the hearts on the Internet. It worth mentioning that every of her new products always sets a new record when it comes to the revenue. Some even think that Kaede Karen will replace AV actress Yua Mikami to become the AV queen in the near future.

Karen 1

Not long before, Kaede Karen has rocked the Internet when revealing that she is planning to release a new photo collection with only 3k copies. Her revelation immediately forms a huge storm, making her fans try their best to order this product as soon as possible. It is obvious that 3000 copies aren’t enough to meet the vast demands from her fans.

Our AV actress stands 1m62 – not as high as many other colleagues, and her breast size is just D-cup. However, her current appearance is supposed to help create her own attraction.

With more than 20 movies, the young AV actress has now had a firm position in the adult movie industry. And the netizens have continued to send a lot of special love to her.

Karen 2

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Karen Kaede 2

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