Hanyang is a beautiful game streamer in Korea. She works in Afreeca TV. This beautiful LOL streamer got banned after revealing her underwear in a recent live-stream by accident. Check out this story here.

Sexy LOL Streamer Get Banned After Revealing Briefs Accidentally

Many female streamers were banned for revealing sensitive images in the live-stream. However, it seems that other female streamers haven't learned anything from those stories. Therefore, many streamers still made the same mistake and got banned.

Hannyangi 1
Han Yang is a beautiful streamer on Afreeca TV.

The streamer in this story also got banned for revealing her briefs in front of the camera on her live-stream. Although Han Yang has a sexy and beautiful appearance, she is not very famous in the mainstream community. She only has over 12k followers on Instagram and 12k subscribers on YouTube.

Hannyangi 7
The female streamer accidentally revealed her briefs when standing up.

It's because Han Yang doesn't often flaunt her hot body shape in her broadcast like other streamers. So, it's understandable because it's also attractive content if streamers cannot make very interesting content during the broadcast.

However, Han Yang has got suspension from that live-stream platform because she accidentally revealed her briefs when standing up in a recent live-stream. In specific, she wore a short skirt in that broadcast.

Hannyangi 2
Hanyang is not very famous in the Korean mainstream.

Unluckily, the skirt shrank when she sat on the chair but she forgot to push it down when standing up to put the pizza box away. Then, the underwear was suddenly revealed. It seems to be an accident.

Hannyangi 3
Hanyang rarely wears revealing outfits in her live-stream.

Many fans and netizens thought that the punishment was too strict and serious. However, she could have avoided that accident if she chose a more formal outfit in that live-stream. Hopefully, this streamer will return soon after this punishment.

Hannyangi 4
Han Yang often plays LOL on her broadcast.
Hannyangi 6
She also plays new trending games with her friends.