Not one, but up to four supermodels from Korea have just been banned on Twitch after a ‘juicy’ livestream by the pool of them. This livestream had quickly gone so viral on Twitch, even become the the most-watched livestream in 'Just Chatting' category of the streaming platform at that moment.

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The shameless Korean livestream with supermodels

We all know that the 'Just Chatting' category on Twitch has had many crazy livestreams in it, most of which are really not safe for work at all. We had seen a Korean couple shamelessly had sex on the livestream in this category or even the time when a porn livestream of this category got promoted on the old channel of Ninja on this streaming platform.

On August 18th, a Korean Twitch channel (which is famous for having more than one hot supermodels) had a livestream featuring four supermodels in bikini playing around and answering questions from the viewers. Without a doubt, this livestream gathered a lot of viewers, but Twitch was not happy, of course.

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The shameless Korean livestream with supermodels

The livestream featured four supermodels from Korea named ‘addielyn9’, ‘sooflower’, ‘chobiman0125’ and ‘damicos’. These supermodels were on short and sexy bikinis playing with each other by the pool, as well as answering questions from the viewers of the stream.

All four supermodels made ‘juicy’ poses during the stream, and there was even a moment when three supermodels got into a glass bathtub, pressing their boobs and butts against the glass wall. At the peak time, this livestream gathered twenty seven thousand viewers, which turned this livestream into the most-watched content in the ‘Just Chatting’ category at that moment.

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The shameless Korean livestream with supermodels

Shortly after the livestream went viral, Twitch decided to ban the Korean channel, as well as all 4 Korean supermodels that have involved in the livestream. The reason for the ban is clear, but no one knows how long the bans will last. Meanwhile, other Twitch streamers are clearly not happy to see such a livestream.